Russian White Nights 2014



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The word “fantastic” wouldn’t even make the justice for the holiday and the beautiful performances we had at Russian White Nights 2014, at Bowers Musem! It was a real celebration which made the entire OC community to be proud of our exquisite young talents. A special Thank You goes to the Russian School of Orange County with its Principal Anna Budnyatsky, and the wonderful teachers who put lots of effort for the event: Tatiana Kutkina and Elena Bars for the concert program, Polina Bondarchuk for the children’s art exhibit ! Our deepest appreciation for the phenomenal performances of the OC Dancing, our future bright stars, under the leadership of Oksana Kalinuka and Svetlana Axten! We also express our gratefulness to the performers: one-of-a-kind Maria Tikhomirova, Marina V, and Natasha Urakhchina.

Our gratitude to Eya Ozerova for the very special art and master-classes, and to Yuri Kuznetsov for his the most kind and positive paintings. Thank you Ron Taybi for the participation and everything he does to promote world peace; it was an honor to present the Pathway to Harmony: Gracious to Sochi. We are supporting such a great effort!

Of course, there would be no celebration without our bestest community activists such as Nadiya Adickes with our favorite Nadiya’s Tea, Moscow Deli with its sweets and treats, and Rubeca Co. for “Ivanych Kvas”.. the great kvas!!!  And a very specal thank you for G.DeBrekht Artistic Studios for the gorgeous hand-painted gifts for the kids!!!

For sure, a successful achievement like this always depends on community working together. Our very special thanks goes to:
Dr. Lile Bunar – our favorite OC dentist (949) 589-3344
Natalia De Rojas – an Olympic champion sharing the best for your health – ionized and uber healthy Kagen Water
Olga Keyes – a top-rank realtor with exceptional customer service
Russian Imperial Union Order – our long-time supporter, an organization which preserves the heritage and history of many generations of Russian immigrants.
Thank you to Katya V Avdeenko, Irina Alexander, Natalya Finodeyev, Sasha Finodeyeva, Natalia Ryndin, Eleanor Lurye, Sergey Stupkin, Olga Lannom (Russian Orange Pages) and many more who share understanding, values, and giving the best to our community to thrive.
We are humble and geatful for all the efforts to make a difference and caring for the community!
THANK YOU BOWERS MUSEM and KIDSEUM for such a great opportunity to share the best we’ve got!

Thanks again! Please enjoy the photo-report! See you soon at our next event!

Please visit the PHOTO GALLERY of the event: click here

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